Jade Tree Healing Arts Centre

Craniosacral Therapy

As the body tells its story, the healthy instinct towards self healing is activated.
Occasionally, injuries, repetitive use or other trauma’s can leave the body stuck in an unhealthy pattern. Using less than 5 grams of pressure, the weight of a nickel, therapists are able to encourage the body to clear and heal the areas of dysfunction.
CST therapists work with the bodies innate tendency to self correct and heal. The pressure used is very light so we are able to work without eliciting guarding or defensiveness of the body. Therapists learn to listen deeply to the system, tapping into its inherent intelligence, focusing on the system remembering its original blueprint of health. The therapist encourages the client’s system to access its resources, offering new choices and possibilities for the system at every level. Training, then, includes deep perceptual and centering skills as well as extensive study of the anatomy, physiology, and inherent motion of the craniosacral system.