Jade Tree Healing Arts Centre

Roberto Iusso

Our Acupuncture Therapist Roberto Iusso is an honours graduate of the three-year, 1600-hour Acupuncture Therapy Diploma program at the Shiatsu School of Canada (2009), and also holds certifications in Korean Hand Acupuncture (Level 2) from the Santa Barbara Center for Studies in Oriental Medicine as well as certification in Facial Rejuvenation (aka Cosmetic Acupuncture) from the College of Acupuncture & Therapeutics.

He is currently completing accredited courses in Medical Qigong and Tuina. Qigong is a meditative practice which uses graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of Qi (energy) within the body, and enhances overall health. Tuina is a traditional Chinese therapy where massage and manipulation techniques are utilized to establish a balanced flow of energy through the human body, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally.